Warning! Even “large cap” stocks are not liquid enough! Can you handle this?

Stock investors would be well aware of a small difference between the buy-price and sell-price of a share, known as the bid-ask spread. This “cost” or “loss” (applicable for an immediate buy and sell) is inevitable and quite different from brokerage costs. The price difference is a measure of liquidity in the market. The bid-ask […]

Franklin India Equity Fund (Prima Plus) Review: slipping performance?

Come September 2019, Franklin India Equity Fund (previously called Franklin Prima Plus) would complete 25 years – the 3rd such fund from the AMC (along Bluechip, Prima). In this performance review, we take a look at how Franklin India Equity Fund (FIEF) has fared against its benchmarks. Product Positioning: From June 2018, the fund was […]