Forum Rules

DIY refers to ‘Do it yourself’. This forum is an online community of investors who would like to manage their money on their own!

By using the forum (asking and answering) you are bound by the following conditions.


Do’s and dont’s

Let us strive to focus on questions like,

how to choose a good business or mutual fund,

how to construct a diversified portfolio etc.

instead of questions like

name some multi- baggers,?

what funds/stocks do you invest in?,

provide some feedback on my portfolio etc.


No free lunch

Threads that ask for fund/stock names/suggestions will be closed with a reference to a ‘how to’ link, where possible.

People who provide financial advisory services to investors are welcome, but should not promote themselves here, directly or indirectly.

This is not a place a for bloggers to post their own daily posts.

No speculative posts about market movements.

Avoid questions like, what will happen to Indian markets if Greece defaults?,Should I book profits now?, Is this a good time to start a SIP? If found, such threads will be promptly closed.



Posts that are welcome in the forum

Any and all questions on personal finance and investing for which answers cannot be obtained from a simple google search.

It is not just a Q/A forum. You can share your experiences of buying insurance, claiming health insurance etc.

Fine print on products that investors should be wary of.

You can post about your analysis or investment strategy with relevant data.

Quiz questions on personal finance, time value of money etc. can be posted for members to attempt.

You can post links to lesser known DIY resources from which members can learn.

Anything else you think will help the DIY community.



The contents of this website do not constitute investment advice or a solicitation to buy or sell securities, mutual funds etc. Any or all the results and predictions of the articles may be proved wrong by future unforeseen movements in markets. Do not act on comments or answers provided in the forum without due diligence on your part. DIY investing is simple, but not easy. If you dont have the confidence to act on your own, seek professional help.